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By discount factory stores and auto sales, Nike is clear inventory. "We can not face only stock, put everything to stop, the market still needs something new to come in." Side to solve the inventory, while Nike must try to make their products and Chinese consumer preferences together. Chinese consumers, for things freshness, speed pursuit of more and more critical, especially after 90. Faced with this consumer, Nike must adapt to rapidly changing product markets. "Nike is a company run from the company established, Nike encouraged, inspired countless people to join the ranks of runners, so they have advanced equipment running to provide comprehensive service platform for them, let them run faster, more fun. Now, the story of these runners we have been encouraged and inspired, why not their stories to influence more people to run up? "Sima Pei, vice president of marketing at Nike Greater China, said," In China, running sports development so rapidly, Chinese runners touching story, which is why we launched the "run to understand" this event in mind. In this seemingly simple and happy commercials "run", we used a new The perspective shows the charm of running. If you are running,cheap air max white, you will know the charm of this movement. "This has been reflected in the product. In recent years, Nike's products form a more simplistic, science and technology component contains more color has become increasingly rich, especially shoes. This situation not only in Nike, it's the same old rival Adidas. To some extent, this is an adjustment for sports brand impact of fast fashion, simple design can reduce production difficulty, shorten production cycle means that the supply chain more responsive. Nike even know how much of your monthly income, spending habits are what, a month into a few stores, several shopping street, "Through these market research segments, we will channel inventory, there is a more detailed of the control, so that a more suitable product into the market requires it. "HuangXiangYan said. "Spring She kissed my face and tell me it is spring." This is a Nike ad theme song of the Sun Rehabilitation papers, may in the near future, the social network would really like a ray of spring-like, in the field of fashion marketing Open a fresh situation. "JUST DO IT" that in China for 25 years with the slogan being redefined as "ran to understand." Nike's goal is hope in China with a run to boost performance. Nike's first quarter of fiscal 2014 (June 2013 - October) revenue grew 8%, net profit up 38%, but in the Chinese market has appeared income 3% decline. Under pressure to perform, Nike in August this year issued "out of it (MOVE CHINA)" slogan, as in the past, Nike wants to seize the young 20-year-old up and down on the Chinese market. Nike's senior communications director for Greater China HuangXiangYan November 16 in an interview with the Economic Observer newspaper in an interview that China's young consumers feedback for running out of fanaticism, is not thought of in 2008, when we tried this marketing. Nike Running is still China's largest sports category, higher than basketball and football. Nike's global performance in fiscal year 2013, the contribution to the performance of running accounting 20.46%, second only to the 26.99 percent Sportswear. This is also the reason Nike Running why have so much confidence. Of course, the more critical is NIKE + platform extending sports social network. Nike's business model is with the extension of the platform is changing. Data provided by Nike, and now there are around 5 million runners landed Nike website, Nike + global total of 18 million registered users in China over the past year, Nike + registered users increased by 130%; downloads Nike + APP from last year 570,000 increase to 2.58 million, an increase of 350 percent, mostly runners. Coupled with fans on social software, Nike tried to weave a social own large network. Although Nike's earnings, the effectiveness of a product of how much, but also can not be realized, but the revenue has occupied the forefront of the business is run, NIKE + then played an absolute boost. Beijing key way sports consulting firm founder Zhang said, "Nike's main profit still rely on clothing and shoes, but it's ahead of the layout of digital, is forward-looking." "Nike launched Nike + platform digital marketing mode, The key is to enhance the interaction with consumers, and through testing, handling of consumer information to achieve a more personalized customer service. This is an innovative consumer demand for services,air max black, help businesses more easily and quickly understand and master consumer Information is also beneficial to the targeted product launch. "Investment Advisor in light industry researcher said Zhu Qing Hua. Nike + Nike is undoubtedly a milestone on digital innovation. In 2006, engineers found the Nike headquarters, at the University of Oregon campus, almost everyone uses iPod. After contact with Apple, Nike + iPod program hit it off. This allows Nike first tasted the sweetness of digital communities. After several generations of upgrades, Nike + support multiple systems download through mobile phones, runners can get their exercise time, pace, calories consumed, route and other data. At the same time, these data can be uploaded to the Nike community, where you can get more professional advice and, more importantly, there are runners to share with you, the content can be tips, frustration can also be showing off. This young man will now eat pictures made circle of friends, it is on the appetite. Today, Nike + and extending through the product, is more in the form of a carrier covered by more movement, such as Nike + Training, Nike + Basket-ball and fuelband like. Innovative technology also contributed to the emergence of new business models Nike -. "User + data + service + terminal" that it makes Nike looks more like a technology company. Dating back to 2005, Nike has begun to value the social media. During the 2006 World Cup, Nike collaboration with Google, Orkut based platform for young people interested in football launched Joga.com. In addition, Nike also try using MySpace and YouTube platforms. At the time, Nike on MyS-pace football home page is one of the hottest brand community, with more than 50,000 fans. From 2008 to 2009, Nike in global markets began to actively build soccer community, use Facebook, QQ and other platforms. In 2010, Nike put social media to use to cover other major sports category, for different markets, using the most suitable local social platform to promote. It is based on an earlier social attempts, only the later Nike + community. Through Nike + digital innovation, moving away from the traditional Nike shoe, sports shoe business, appearing in this new model, Nike + is like the nervous system, all kinds of sports products, users are coupled together; by Nike Nike + platform to provide users with online and offline (such as night run,air max outlet, experience the next shop category, marathon line activities) professional sports services to enhance the sports experience, but also from the Nike explore more business opportunities, such as the concept of night run let Nike researchers will join reflective elements shoes, clothes, directly boost the market sales. "This company outset exactly what you want, is to do a cool sports brand. They want to use a variety of techniques to motivate people." A Beijing senior runner said. Zhang believes that despite changes in recent years, Nike is not much active, determined to continue to do operations on the sports investment efforts in the promotion of sports lifestyle change, which is a direction, as the industry's leading brand, not will become a follower, "do something beneficial to the industry, he will become the biggest gainers." Indeed, for Nike, his vision is not that much only sell a few pairs of shoes. "Inventory management is needed, we do on the estimated demand and supply of a number of issues, which we have in the past two quarters to do, and distributors together to find ways to do now is to 'body 'keep good. "HuangXiangYan said. By discount factory stores and auto sales, Nike is clear inventory. "We can not face only stock, put everything to stop, the market still needs something new to come in." Side to solve the inventory, while Nike must try to make their products and Chinese consumer preferences together. In HuangXiangYan view, China's consumers, for things freshness, speed pursuit of more and more critical, especially after 90. Faced with this consumer, Nike must adapt to rapidly changing product markets. This has been reflected in the product. Nike CEO Mark - Parker (Mark Parker) recently attended a design innovation conference held in Fast Company. Many people praise Nike, because it acts as a sporting goods companies achieve an unexpected success in the hardware, software and services. In this regard, Parker explained, he clearly confined to the digital realm of Nike, Nike does not oppose future cooperation with other companies. Parker said: "Our understanding of good business, it is very important ...... Figuratively speaking, that is what has brought us to give Party, then enlarge it do not expect we'll use the latest and best products to sensor technology. competition, do not expect us to go into. "

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