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What the Clan Davidson Association does:
We foster friendship and social contacts among those with the name Davidson and associated names, wherever they live.

We research the genealogy, history, origins, and traditions of the name Davidson.

We develop interest in the places, sites and buildings linked with the name Davidson.

We produce newsletters and publish an annual journal of Davidson family histories.

We maintain a display of pictures, objects, and posters relating to the Clan and the Name of Davidson, housed in the Clan Davidson Room at Tulloch Castle.

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Miniature Portrait of Gwendoline Davidson
Mary Gwendoline Davidson
The Clan Davidson Association recently acquired this portrait following its sale by auction in the USA.

Gwendoline Davidson was the wife of Duncan Davidson 6th, last Laird of Tulloch Castle. She was born in 1865 at Norton Court, Gloucestershire, a daughter of the Mackenzie of Farr family. Gwendoline outlived her husband by almost 26 years, and died in 1943 at Tulloch Castle, Dingwall.

This beautiful miniature is painted on an ivory base, mounted inside an oval gold frame, which is inscribed "Gwendoline wife of Duncan Davidson of Tulloch, 3rd October 1892"
The date is not, as might be thought, either Gwendoline's birthday or her marriage date, but it is Duncan's 27th birthday, so perhaps this item was a birthday gift from Gwendoline to her husband?

Davidson Medal Collection
Medals awarded to Vice-Admiral Alexander Percy Davidson
A major medal collection, associated with one branch of the Davidson of Tulloch Chiefly family, has been acquired by the Clan Davidson Association. We also acquired some portraits of Davidsons to whom the medals were awarded.

Our collection includes medals which were awarded to Vice-Admiral Alexander Percy Davidson RN, 1868-1930, illustrated here.

Grant of Arms, 1907, to Andrew Davidson
Grant of Arms, 1907, to Andrew Davidson
Andrew Davidson, 1836-1918, was born at Kinneff, Kincardineshire (now Angus). He studied medicine in Edinburgh, and served as a missionary surgeon in Madagascar, where he and his wife raised a family. Later he practised in London and became Medical Advisor to the Colonial and Foreign Offices.

The 1907 Grant of Arms to Andrew Davidson is shown here. The parchment, on which the coat of arms was painted and it's description inscribed, still has the original Lyon Court wax seal attached. The original box with the royal cipher, in which this item was kept, has also survived.

This unique family document was brought to the Clan Davidson Association by a family who found it in an auction.


Portrait of the Queen, by Colin Davidson
Portrait of HM The Queen, by Colin Davidson
Colin Davidson, the acclaimed Northern Irish artist, was commissioned to paint a new portrait of Her Majesty, The Queen. It was unveiled at a Co-operation Ireland reception, attended by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, and is to be displayed at Stormont, the home of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Clan Davidson Chief in Australia
Grant Guthrie Davidson, Chief of the Clan Davidson, and his wife attending a Gathering in Australia
Chief of the Clan Davidson, Grant Davidson, and his wife, attended a Gathering in Canberra in 2016 as a guests of the Clan Davidson Society of Australia. At a formal Clan dinner, the Chief gave a short address, and there were ceremonies to celebrate the Haggis.

The weekend events included a Kirking of the Tartan Service at St Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk in Canberra. Davidson banners were paraded into the Kirk with a piper, Clan Davidson members gave readings at the service, and afterwards the Chief and banner party led the congregation out of the Kirk.


Historic Davidson Photo Album
Tulloch Castle before and after restoration
The Chief of the Clan Davidson, Grant Davidson, was clearing his parents home in New Zealand in October 2016, when he found an old, damaged, photo album. The origin of this album and its contents were initially unknown. Subsequent research indicates that this collection of photos was possibly assembled by the Chief's great grandfather, Hector Francis Davidson, when he made a trip to Scotland in the early 1900s.

The images of Tulloch Castle are an important clue. They clearly show the building as a part ruin, which was restored and redeveloped in 1890/91 to the Castle we can still recognise today.

Tulloch Castle Gateway & garden
The Castle Entrance Gateway has sadly been demolished, and the gardens, which were considered important until the 1930s, have now all but disappeared. However, these photos provide a glimpse into an era when Tulloch Castle had a magnificent garden and tree collection.

For more information about the Clan Davidson Room at Tulloch Castle see "Clan Davidson at Tulloch Castle"

Davidson Stained Glass Memorial Window
Davidson stained glass memorial window
Tucked away in Methil Parish Church on the Fife Coast is an illustrated, stained glass memorial window, which commemorates the life of John Reid Davidson,1877-1950. This John Davidson was a shipmaster and the Harbour Pilot at Methil from 1913-1946.

This fine window (of which we show only a part) was designed by Douglas Hamilton, the distinguished Glasgow stained glass artist.

The Clan Davidson Association holds a growing collection of images of commemorative windows from around the world.

Davidson Family Monument
Davidson family monument in Dundee


New Davidson Heraldry in Australia
New Australian heraldry, the Davidsons of New England Association
The Lord Lyon, Edinburgh, has signed Letters Patent granting arms to the Davidsons of New England Association, which was formed in Australia in 1984 by descendants of William Davidson. William was born in Crail, Fife in 1807. He emigrated to Australia and died in 1878 at Mihi Creek Station, Uralla, located in the northern part of the State of New South Wales, known as 'New England'.

The design of the arms follows the name Davidson, with distinctive pheons (arrowheads); a buck is shown on the central fess, together with a New England Waratah (Telopea Aspera), which is only found in the eastern reaches of the New England Tableland. The arms were painted by Annette Reed.


We have an extensive collection of Davidson family trees, and continue to collect more data from a wide range of sources. Where possible, we link up the genealogical data with our equally extensive Davidson portrait collection. Our expertise in researching a wide range of archives has enabled us to help with inquiries into Davidson and Davison family histories.

We would be pleased to include in our collection any family tree information that you may be willing to tell us about.
Davidson Family Tree Example

Clan Chief, Grant Davidson, and his wife Brenda
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