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Nike + Nike sports digitized route among a very important step. Senior communications director at Nike Greater China HuangXiangYan opinion, Nike + Nike product innovation a subversive sense. With the Nike + platform, Nike to provide consumers with a new vision sports life, but also for Nike brings the digital age and to explore new areas of development, again Witness the brand's continuous exploration and innovation efforts. Nike + platform appears to achieve a combination of movement and life in the digital era, Nike + so that more consumers, especially young consumers feel movement on the inside of life, Nike + users can share movement on social platforms and get help. "We often think that sports this thing for most people is a very troublesome, very reluctant to do, light thought the concept of movement, a lot of people will think you do not want to move, because you would think, do a lot of things, to prepare a lot of homework,Cheap Air Max men, to learn a lot of knowledge, even to go to sporting goods store to find the right pair of his shoes .Nike + will help you put all these borrowed Ports are removed, Nike + behind a computing model and a new unit of measurement "Fuel", it is more like a calculation of the amount of exercise currency, in fact, Nike + measure your level of activity and ultimately give you a suggestion, you can Nike + set set your daily goals, you can also be observed every hour of activity is how change can be achieved if you had set the amount of activity The goal. Eventually these data can be shared on the Nike + platform. "HuangXiangYan said. A part of the Nike + will move into a consumer lifestyle, from this perspective, HuangXiangYan think, Nike + Nike has a subversive sense of innovation products. "To see Nike + Fuelband have so many followers, especially in China, if the movement can become a way of life, if your consumer groups because of your sense of innovation for your product Interest, and then to enjoy the sport, and that a lot of sense for Nike are very different. "Nike wants to use Nike + transfer Nike understand consumers know that they live in what happened, and what this information needs. In HuangXiangYan view, although it is a sports brand Nike, but he is closer to the average consumer lives. "I think this is a brand terms is a very important thing because if a brand does not know how the lives of consumers, I do not know how to help them solve the problem, do not know how to make them more enjoyable to bring value-added products or product, then it would not be a leading brand. " In the platform just launched Nike for Nike + targeted advertising slogan is "inspired performance data." Data makes great sense excitation, Nike + is to exercise and live together in one platform. An athlete, here talking about the broad and narrow athletes, if you know his movement data, it is easy to be excited. If you set yourself daily exercise is the 2000 "Nike Fuel", over a period of time, 2,000 pairs of you is a common practice, you will certainly be transferred to 2500, because everyone wants to be able to stimulate their potential, especially when data after being share. In addition, Nike + also allows some information not usually known transformed into incentive information. Many athletes are posted on social networking own motion data, for example, NBA star Kobe Bryant likes publish their data on the movement of Twitter, many fans have to challenge his data. "You do not have to reach Li, Liu Xiang, Yi Jianlian as exercise But figures will definitely motivate you to generate pleasure. "Nike HuangXiangYan more than a decade,Air Max 90 uk sale, in HuangXiangYan opinion, though generally been speculation that Nike is a "boom" of the brand, but Nike every disruptive innovation from Nike are more willing to do things back to basics. Each Nike product innovation to give athletes aim is always to provide better products and experiences. Here the concept of athletes may be narrowly professional athletes, can also be sporty every ordinary person. Nike + Nike + iPod product first is to combine music and running, so that athletes prefer to run the sport, then why not put to Services provided by professional athletes share common consumer? Based on this concept, only the Nike + platform under a range of products for ordinary consumers. Nike in the design of each product are the first time back to the design of the fundamental. Nike did not envisaged from the outset what you want and increasing consumer oriented. HuangXiangYan explained, "We always believe that Nike is a sports brand. For example, Apple introduced the iPhone, before the iPad, we do not think it is a very moist, very avant-garde company, but is designed to allow Apple is no longer just a technology companies and computer companies. "Flyknit birth is a good example. "Flyknit generation it was the problem in order to solve the problems of athletes. Nike younger consumer groups, has been Nike's consumers are youth-oriented, many people will believe that Nike is a youth fashion brand, but only a value of popular Nike. Even so, in many cases, Nike will still be regarded as a popular brand, is surrounded by most of the fashion wave of people. Nike legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, Nike CEO Mark Parker and Japanese fashion godfather Hiroshi Fujiwara (Hiroshi Fujiwara) jointly launched the Nike top footwear design series HTM; together "night" Michael Jordan Release Jordan Brand; and rage over thirty years of enduring to the US presidential plane named Nike AIR FORCE 1 series, and Flyknit and Nike +. "Because you always been considered relatively avant-garde, more advanced stuff.,Air Max outlet Through these things a lot of people can see the feasibility of its future development and become a mainstream product." While the Nike + Fuelband very popular, but not eager to rapid promotion of Nike this product. Currently, Nike is only in the United States, Britain, Canada promotion, in HuangXiangYan opinion: "A behind the product needs to have the appropriate service support, Nike + platform has a lot of behind-related services .Nike + Fuelband promotion depends on whether the team behind the service build Li mature, while Nike partners should be able to provide the same service, from product to sell and then services need to improve all aspects. The service system innovation is also an exploration of the future of Nike regard. Future, Nike shoes are not limited to make a lighter kind of product innovation, but will focus on the services, how to make Nike Consumers can live in 24 hours Fei's life, we have a lot of expectations. "